Are Aliens Like Us?

In April, Dr. Stephen Hawking said that, mathematically speaking, it’s unlikely that Earth is the only place in the universe that life exists.

Most scientists, including Hawking, think that the majority of life “out there” is likely to be microbes or simple animals. And these animals wouldn’t necessarily resemble anything we’d recognize. However, scientists also agree that the potential for intelligent extra-terrestrials exists. As Hawking said, “The real challenge is working out what aliens might actually be like."

While he’s figuring that out, some people believe they’ve already met E.T. right here on Earth. In fact, some ufologists – UFO researchers – claim to have identified several specific types of interplanetary visitors!

GRAYS – The most common type of extra-terrestrial reported, these are named for their skin tone which is said to vary from gray-white to gray-green. Most are short, only about 3 to 4 feet tall, very thin and have enlarged heads with enormous black eyes. Nose, mouth and ears are very small. The Grays are the aliens most commonly associated with claims of abduction. The shorter Grays appear to be workers, while their apparent leaders are taller, with larger eyes and heads.

HUMANOIDS – Several types of humanoid extra-terrestrials have been reported, but the Nordics appear to be the most numerous. These aliens are said to closely resemble humans, enough to pass for them on the street. Eyes are human-like but very large and slightly slanted. Both male and female are said to be at least 5’8” tall. Their skin is pale and without sweat glands, and their hair is blonde or white. The highest number of reports of encounters with Nordics comes from the United Kingdom, but some encounters are reported in the desert areas of the United States. Most believers claim that the Nordics are benevolent and are on Earth to observe but not interfere. The Nordics are also said to have some conflict with the Grays.

REPTILIAN – These aliens are said to have crocodilian skin that is usually greenish-brown or coffee colored. Scales cover their entire bodies, with smaller scales on the hands and feet. They have three long fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand. Nostrils are slit-like openings that slant upward in a V-shape. Mouths are lipless with an assortment of teeth including fangs, and eyes are reptile-like with vertical pupils. The Grays are said to be subservient to the Reptilians. Most reptilian alien encounters appear to be reported out of India and Asia. By the way, reptilian E.Ts are said to be hostile to humans.

Accounts of several other types of alien visitors have been given over the years, but the above three seem to be the most common.

Sadly, the Governor of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, doesn’t appear to have revealed which type of alien abducted him from his Moscow apartment back in 1997. In early May of 2010, the Moscow Times reported that the 48-year-old Ilyumzhinov told a television host that he spent several hours with the extra-terrestrials aboard their ship. He also claims to have three witnesses to the event – his driver, minister and assistant – who were in his apartment at the time.

Some officials in the Russian government aren’t writing this off as an eccentric tale either. Concerned that the governor – who is also president of the World Chess Federation – might have shared classified information with interplanetary beings, they’ve formally asked President Dmitry Medvedev to interrogate him.

Maybe he’ll ask if the governor’s abductors were Grays or Nordics?

Dani Harper

Your turn – if alien life exists, what do you think it might be like? Do you think E.T. could be already here?

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