"Changeling Dream" - Book 2 in a new shapeshifter series by Dani Harper

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I wrote a paranormal romance called Heart of the Winter Wolf. Although its distribution was limited, it was very well received, earned excellent reviews and was adopted by a loyal group of fans. They took it - and me - to their hearts and the support and encouragement has been both touching and overwhelming. I received many, many emails and messages asking for "more stories about the Macleod family".

So I wrote a new book, Changeling Moon, which is a prequel to Heart of the Winter WolfAnd I wrote a third book, Changeling Dawn, which takes place afterwards. It took some time and many, many rejection slips but eventually I was fortunate to find an agent who believed in the series and she found an editor at Kensington who loved it too. Heart of the Winter Wolf had fulfilled its contract with the original publisher by that time, and Kensington decided to re-release it.

I am so happy to announce that Heart of the Winter Wolf has taken its rightful place as the second book in this series. Renamed Changeling Dream, it's been updated and revamped, but my original fans (who have stuck with me through thick and thin) will have no trouble recognizing their much-loved story. I'm excited to be able to send this "child" of mine out into the world to an even wider audience.

To my existing fans, THANK YOU. I couldn't have done it without you. And to future readers, I'm excited to be able to share my stories with you.

Dani Harper

Changeling Dream
by Dani Harper

Release Date June 28, 2011
from Kensington Brava


In times of stress Jillian Descharme has always found calm in her dream of a great white wolf with haunting blue eyes. But she is startled when the visions return and this time seem so real. Late at night he comes to her, speaks to her, touches her. It’s almost as if he’s alive…

Thirty years ago James Macleod lost his wife and unborn child to a killer bent on destroying the Changelings. Though he longed for death, his animal instinct fought for survival and James has been a wolf ever since. Yet now a woman has reawakened the man in him, taming wild instincts but arousing still wilder needs.  With his ancient enemy hunting the legendary white wolf, James must fight for new life, new hope, new love.

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