CHANGELING DREAM - inspired by wolves

I'm SO excited to announce that CHANGELING MOON is now officially released. This is Book Two in my new paranormal series. I'm excited, amazed, awed and thankful for this opportunity to bring my work to a larger audience.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is "where do you get your ideas?" In this case, I can honestly say I was influenced by a real event!

I owned a small farm in northern Canada and one morning I was stunned to see a pack of wolves – about 7 or 8 – run across my yard. No mistake about what these big dark creatures were – I’d seen hundreds of coyotes before and these clearly dwarfed them. 

The wolves ran with ease and grace, seeming to float along rather than touch the ground. Teeth gleamed white from grinning black lips, their tails were great plumed banners and they ran with purpose.

And then they were gone. They vanished like smoke into the timber that flanked my property. I have never felt such a wild yearning in my life. A wish that they would come back? A wish that I might go with them? I didn’t know. I still don’t.

Ever since, however, I’ve run with the wolves on paper. And the result is my new series, beginning with Changeling Moon which was released May 31st. Book Two, Changeling Dream, is out TODAY, June 28th!  Book Three, Changeling Dawn, will be released in January. I’m working on Book Four right now.

Check below for reviews of Changeling Dream!

Dani Harper


     "I usually find sequels pale in comparison to the first book in the series, especially when the first is as excellent as Changeling Moon. But Dani Harper managed to create another howling masterpiece. .....  
     If you love werewolf novels, Changeling Moon and Changeling Dream should be at the top of your to read list."  

     "Werewolf and paranormal romance fans, Changeling Moon is a compelling new read that should not be missed.  Author Dani Harper weaves a captivating story about ordinary people with extraordinary abilities."

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