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It's December, month of gifts and giving, legends and lore. There's plenty of superstitions too. Here's five:

1.   The first person downstairs on Christmas morning was to take a broom, open the front door and sweep all “trouble” from the doorstep. A variation on this is to sweep all the bad luck out of the house (I'm betting both were ploys to get the kids to clean up!)

2.   Eating a raw egg before eating anything else on Christmas morning was said to make you exceptionally strong. (Strong-WILLED if nothing else!)

3.   In Wales, the plough was to be brought into the house and kept under the dining table during the entire Christmas season. This assured a good harvest in the coming year (and not much legroom during dinner!)

4.   English folklore instructs young girls to knock on the henhouse door on Christmas Eve. If a rooster crows, she’ll marry within the year. If there is silence, she’ll never marry! (AS IF any self-respecting chickens would be quiet if someone banged on their door!)

5.   In some places it was unlucky to receive a gift of new shoes or tanned leather on Christmas. However, some people in Greece ward off bad luck in the upcoming year by burning their old shoes during the Christmas season (Hmmmm... I know a pair of my husband’s shoes I’d like to burn!)  Another footwear superstition says that all the family’s shoes should be placed neatly side by side on Christmas Eve to prevent quarreling in the new year.

In line with the "giving and gifts" portion of the season, I'm participating in the "Romancing Christmas Giveaway Hop".  Each blog on the list hosts a giveaway and all hosts are linked up so you can HOP from one blog to another!  (You're not required to visit them all - each has their own giveaway that is separate from all others).

How to enter Dani Harper's Giveaway:

So, for MY giveaway all you have to do is answer this question in a comment between now and Dec. 16 --- 
What's your favorite thing about December?  
THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. A winner has been drawn to receive a signed copy of CHANGELING DREAM and a Dani Harper tote bag! 
Congratulations to Tiffany H!  Thank you to everyone who entered. Really enjoyed your comments!

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