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The men in my shapeshifter series are sexy. I get a few emails a week from readers asking if they can have a “Connor” or a “Culley” of their very own (most are joking, a few I’m not quite sure...). But of all my leading men, the one who seems to set female hearts a-flutter the MOST is – *drumroll*

James August Macleod !

Yup, the oldest brother of the shapeshifting Macleod clan is the one informally designated “most likely to attract groupies”. Interestingly, he’s also the one least likely to pay any attention to them. Not because he doesn't like women, but because he's more the hyper-loyal-to-one-woman kind of guy. He’s the strong, silent type and when James isn’t being silent, he’s gruff and just a little on the impatient side. That’s because he’s out of practice when it comes to being human.

James, you see, has been a lone wolf, literally, for more than three decades. The tragic loss of his wife and unborn child to a murderer literally drove him from his humanity. He’s wandered far from both family and pack in the form of a great white wolf …

Now, lots of people ask me where I get the ideas for my characters. And I have to tell them that they show up on their own. I always know the characters extremely well before I know the story. They pop up in my head, fully formed and usually in conversation with other characters. In the case of the Macleods, the whole gang of them arrived at once. (It gets very noisy in my head some days…)

So if you’ve read Changeling Dream, you know that James is often kidded about being a Viking by his brothers. It’s partly because of his imposing height and muscle. And partly because the entire family is dark-haired, yet James has piercing blue eyes, pale blonde hair and wears a close beard. The Viking-like gruffness might have something to do with it too, LOL.

Imagine my surprise when I watched the movie Thor for the first time – my husband will testify that I pounded his popcorn-holding arm when Chris Hemsworth came onscreen, exclaiming “That’s JAMES! That's James Macleod!”. In fact, I may have said it more than a few times … but not more than twenty, I’m almost sure.

I’d say it was a case of art imitates life – or maybe art imitates life imitates art? Chris Hemsworth is a gorgeous actor and a good one. I totally enjoyed his performance in Star Trek but he took my breath away in Thor. He probably had no idea that he’d accidently brought TWO characters to life at the same time – Thor and James Macleod.

That’s okay. It can be our secret.

Dani Harper


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