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As my post for the Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop, I've chosen an excerpt from my latest shapeshifter romance, CHANGELING DAWN.  

There was no resisting Josh’s talented mouth. Kenzie sank into the kiss as smoothly as a swimmer slides below the surface of the water, and the wolf within her seemed to sigh. In fact, her alter ego was as fully present as her human self, as if it was watching everything through her eyes, feeling everything through her skin. She was two beings at once, something which had never happened before, and yet she had no time to wonder at the oddity of her dual awareness. Because she wanted Josh, and that knowledge was both thrilling and freeing. She wanted and everything about him – his touch, his scent, his arousal pressing against the denim of his jeans – said that he wanted her too. ... Then and there Kenzie decided she would have what she wanted. 

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Josh’s strong hands on her were tender. And cool. Changeling body temperature was much higher than a human’s, and right now she was burning up but not with fever. She found herself craving the gliss of his hands, soothed by their coolness as much as she was aroused by their caresses. 

Outside, the darkened sky cradled a buttery moon, glimmering between the mountain peaks yet outshining the city lights. Moonlight pooled in the center of the wide bed and Josh knelt in it, drew her up to her knees as well – then turned her as smoothly as if they were dancing so her back was against him. One powerful arm cradled her close enough that she could feel his erection pulsing against her crease despite their clothing. His other hand stroked her from shoulder to thigh.

“I’ve been wanting to do this,” he murmured and slowly, thoroughly kissed the nape of her neck. Exquisite sensation rocketed through her and her breasts tightened almost to the point of pain. As if he knew, he cradled them in his hands and softly thumbed the nipples. Her clothing felt cumbersome, hot, heavy and very much in the way. She wanted to pull off the restraining fabric, but he had caged her with his arms and simply continued to place slow, deliberate kisses on the back of her neck. Kenzie had never thought of that spot as particularly erotic, but her body quivered like a taut wire. The new thong she was wearing was already soaked through with sheer anticipation. 

He worked his way over to the side of her neck, bringing a whole new array of sensations. Her earlobe was seized in gentle teeth and she could swear that an electrical current suddenly connected every part of her to her ultra-sensitive core. Another touch like that and she was sure to start vibrating like struck crystal…. 

Time to turn things around. She’d accepted Josh’s lead, luxuriated in his touch, but now she wanted to do a little touching of her own.... 

Dani Harper




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