My Canadian Werewolves - part of the Canada Day Blog Hop

Happy Birthday, Canada!  For those who aren’t aware, I’m proud to be 100% Canadian.  I now live on an island in Alaska with my much-loved American hubby but I spent most of my adult life in northern Alberta. It was there that I became more acquainted with wolves.

With about 60,000 Gray Wolves (Canis Lupus), Canada has the second biggest wolf population in the world (Yay, Canada!). In fact, the Gray Wolf still occupies 90 percent of its original territory in Canada. And despite the name “Gray Wolf”, this creature comes in every color from purest white to darkest black.

When I lived on my small farm in northern Canada, I’d often hear a pack of wolves howling long and low in the river valley north of my land. And sometimes I’d hear the coyotes to the south sassing back. I saw coyotes every day. I didn’t expect to ever see their much larger cousins.

And yet, one bright sunny fall morning, a pack of wolves – about 7 or 8 – loped leisurely across my farmyard not far from the house. There was no mistaking what these tall rangy creatures were – they clearly dwarfed any coyote. The wolves ran with ease and grace, seeming to float along rather than touch the ground. Teeth gleamed white from grinning black lips, their tails were great plumed banners and they ran with purpose. And something more – as strange as it may sound, I had a very strong impression that the wolves were happy.

And then they were gone. They vanished like smoke into the timber that flanked my property. I have never felt such a wild yearning in my life. A wish that they would come back? A wish that I might go with them? I didn’t know. I still don’t.

Ever since, however, I’ve run with the wolves on paper.

The result so far has been my new PNR series featuring shapeshifters  – what can I say, they're Canadian werewolves! The story centers around the Macleod family, who are able to become wolves at will. Forced to leave their native Scotland almost two centuries ago when wolves were being exterminated there, they found refuge in northern Alberta. They've lived there ever since, hiding in plain sight among the humans.

The Macleods seem to have the best of both worlds, but danger still lurks for them and their kind. And love, when it arrives, brings dangers and complications of its own.

The first two books, CHANGELING MOON and CHANGELING DREAM, are set exclusively in northern Alberta, Canada.

The third book, CHANGELING DAWN, begins and ends in Canada – but spends a little time in Alaska too, just like me!

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CHANGELING MOON is a finalist for the RITA award.
As I mentioned before, the entire story takes place in a small northern town in Alberta, Canada. 

My Favorite Demon – part of the Angels versus Demons Blog Hop

As both an author and a reader, I’m a huge fan of both paranormal romance and urban fantasy. It all started with vampires and werewolves, and while I will always have a soft spot in my heart for shapeshifters (are my Changelings listening?), it’s been exciting to see the explosion of supernatural creatures in these genres. Among them are warrior angels and their exact opposites – fallen angels and demons. The battle between good and evil has never been more fascinating!

I tend to favor the bad boys, myself – the anti-heroes, the unlikely and the reluctant heroes. Oh yes, give me a reformed demon like Dax in Kate Douglas's Demonfire over an angel (even the droolworthy warrior types) any day. 

One of my all-time fav UF authors is Karen Chance. I really enjoy her Cassie Palmer series, and as much as I like the heroine, it’s the host of other characters that populate the stories that appeal to me. Vamps for sure, demons and incubi galore … the line between good guys and bad guys gets pretty blurry. And maybe that's why the bad boys appeal to me so much -- they're more complicated, and therefore a little more realistic to me. Life has a lot of gray areas and most people aren't totally "good" or totally "bad". In fact, good and bad are often a matter of perspective, a point that this series drives home.

There are two main men in Cassie’s life – one is a vamp (considered a demon in some circles), and the other is a wizard who just happens to be a human-demon hybrid. The motives of each are suspect more often than not, and yet both find it within themselves to be selfless and heroic on occasion. I find myself rooting for both of them, and it's no wonder Cassie has such difficulty choosing between them.

If I had to pick a favorite demon, however, it would have to be Jim. Jim is a demon eternally stuck in the form of a dog, and he is the loyal (and rather cranky) sidekick of Aisling Grey in Katie MacAlister’s Guardian series. Not only is Jim a dog, but a Newfoundland, one of the biggest – and drooliest – breeds. 

Jim is the ultimate supporting character, providing comic relief and snarkiness, yet showing touching loyalty and friendship. Jim has Aisling’s back when the sh** hits the fan – which seems to happen a great deal in her complicated life. Not bad for a fiend of hell.



So I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours --- your favorite that is. Would you rather cuddle up with a hot angel or a sexy demon?  What are your favorite angel or demon books or characters?

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