What Makes A Hero Strong? -- Part of "A Hero's Blog Hop" July 27 - 31

In keeping with the theme of this blog hop, I thought I’d shine a spotlight on one of my characters. But first, here's a little background --- 

The Peace River region of northern Canada is a unique place where raw wilderness exists side by side with farmers’ fields. And in the quiet rural community of Dunvegan, human beings unknowingly exist side by side with those who are something more than human. They call themselves Changelings, and they have the ability to become wolves at will.

Changelings live as humans – they have jobs and pay bills and go to school and mow the grass and do all the things that humans do. They view their wolfen side as a wonderful gift, but it also complicates their lives, sometimes dangerously so. Especially when it comes to relationships. 

CHANGELING MOON is the first book in this paranormal series, which centers around the Macleod family of shapeshifters. (PS - Changeling Moon is a 2012 RITA Award finalist.)
Hero's name: Connor Macleod
Hero's profession: Talented veterinarian, owner of the North Star Animal Hospital
Physical description of hero: Tall, dark and occasionally furry, Connor Macleod is an imposing specimen. The heroine notices his broad muscled chest and powerful shoulders, and wonders if he bench-presses cows. His most striking features, however, are his pale gray eyes that change with his mood – darkening like a storm when he’s angry and “silver” when aroused.
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Special skills your hero may have: Connor is not human; he’s a Changeling, able to shapeshift to wolfen form at will. That form is larger and stronger than a natural wolf, however, and capable of some pretty impressive physical feats. It’s not uncommon for Changelings to possess additional abilities as well. Connor is a gifted healer and can often communicate with the animals he treats, but he also experiences “farsight” – psychic visions and premonitions – particularly when someone he loves is in danger!
One of my fav lines by Connor (to his younger brother, Culley): “I’m almost used to you showing up without shoes, but where the hell are your pants?"
Here are Connor’s own thoughts on “What Makes A Hero Strong?” ----
“A Changeling has a dual perspective.
“As a human, strength is synonymous with integrity. It comes from keeping your word if it kills you. Real strength is in making decisions and living with the results. And if the results are crappy, then you work like hell to change them.
“A strong man takes responsibility for his actions – which might mean apologizing now and then. And strong men like strong women. There’s nothing sexier than a woman with a backbone.
“As a wolf, strength lies in allowing others to be strong too. It’s deeper than just working as a team – it’s encouraging and supporting. Ever seen a wolf pack with cubs? They all take part in teaching them, and they’re patient about it. They’re not pushovers though. A strong wolf stands up for himself and also protects the pack.
“And he’ll defend his mate even at the cost of his life. That’s the most basic and primal of instincts, human or wolf.”
Here’s what else I know about strength, and maybe I know it even better because I’m a Changeling: real strength is controlled. You’re responsible for your strength and power and you can’t allow it to hurt the innocent. Ever.”

--- Connor Macleod of the Dunvegan Wolf Pack


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