Werewolves and the CANADA DAY BLOG HOP 2013

This is my opportunity to wish my home country a very Happy Birthday. Yup, it's true - I'm Canadian, and I lived most of my adult life in northern Alberta. That's where I first became acquainted with real wolves, and that's where my first werewolf series takes place.

As many of you know, Changeling Moon (2012 RITA Finalist), and Changeling Dream are set wholly in Dunvegan, Alberta. The third book, Changeling Dawn, begins and ends in Alberta but spends some time in Alaska --- just like me. This series is on temporary hiatus at this time (darn it), but the good news is that I haven't left you wolf-less:

Announcing a whole new pack of Changelings to love! 

October 15th is the release day of my new book, FIRST BITE. It's Book One of the Dark Wolf Series, published by Montlake Romance (Amazon). Check it out here - First Bite on amazon.ca  or here - First Bite on amazon.com 

Many of my readers have asked when the Macleod-Changeling series will continue. I don't have a date, but believe me, my characters would never leave me alone until I told their stories, especially professional smart-ass and prankster, Culley!

I've often related the experience of how a pack of wolves loped across my yard in full daylight, and what an impact that has had on me and my writing. That pack certainly helped inspire the Macleods.

But something I haven't mentioned much - maybe because I'm still absorbing the strangeness of it - is that the last time I worked on Culley Macleod's story, Changeling Shadow, we were on vacation visiting family. I was typing on my laptop in our old RV, enjoying the fresh air of the early morning.

I looked up just in time to see a black wolf top the ridge and come partway down the slope in my direction before disappearing.

Do you think Culley was checking up on me?  *cue Twilight Zone music!*


Canada Day Blog Hop - 
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Believe it or not, even though Release Day isn't until October 15th, I have ONE signed paperback ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) of FIRST BITE to give away! All you have to do is leave me a comment about werewolves -- why you like them, a superstition about them, a joke, what you think of my black wolf experience, who your fav furry characters are, or even what other werewolf stories you're fond of. Anything you like, as long as it's about werewolves!

On July 2nd, I'll draw a winner at random from the commenters. Make sure you include an email address so I can contact you if you win!

NOTE - ARCs do not have artwork on the front - they are bound with a plain cover!

Happy Canada Day! Have fun checking out the giveaways on the participating blogs below: