If Halloween is my favorite time of year, then the Back-to-School season is a very close second. No, not because I have kids heading to class and I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet. I have 3 dogs, 9 chickens, a rooster and a neighborhood with many hot rod enthusiasts, children and feral cats. There IS no peace and quiet in my immediate future.

Nope, the reason I love this time of year is all because of school supplies. There's nothing I love more than wandering the aisles of Staples or Office Depot, or lingering in the seasonal section of the grocery store, gazing happily upon all that marvelous, wonderful, pristine, untouched stationery.

Paper --- lined, unlined, reams, pads and looseleaf. Wonderful tools to write with -- pens, markers, pencils and crayons. Oh, and not to mention colorful clipboards, file folder stands, organizers and more. Then there's acres of computers, laptops, smartphones, iPads, printers, desks, office chairs and more, more, more.

And don't get me started on sticky notes...

Why do I love school supplies so much? It has little to do with school (my apologies to teachers everywhere) and everything to do with POTENTIAL!!!

Whether I'm walking along the student supply aisle of a big box store or a little convenience store, I am all but overcome by the sheer potential of all that blank paper --- and the stories just waiting to be written.

Naturally, most of my actual writing is done on my laptop. But that's the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a novel. I leave a trail of notes everywhere I go. I have binders full of the latest versions of manuscripts, file folders with character bios, story ideas on steno pads, sample scenes and deleted scenes in notebooks. And sticky notes, sticky notes, STICKY NOTES....

Today I'm participating in the SCHOOL'S IN SESSION Giveaway Hop, sponsored by Ruby's Reads ( I'm a paranormal writer, but I haven't written any scary boarding school stories, so I'm going to rely on Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy for some prize help.

I'm offering two gently-used paperbacks, Books 1 and 2, of this fabulous series ---- plus, 'tis the season of bookbags, right?  I have a Dani Harper Tote Bag up for grabs too.  The Rafflecopter explains it all below.

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