STORM BOUND -- Ancient Welsh Legends mix with Hot Heroes in Modern America!

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Release Day is here, and STORM BOUND, Book Two of the Grim Series, is available to my readers at last! The newest story continues to weave ancient Welsh mythology -- plus hot heroes and even hotter faeries -- into modern-day America!
Many of you know me for my shapeshifter stories, the Changeling Series. But the transition from writing about werewolves to writing about Celtic faeries was much easier than you might guess:  I had a Welsh grandmother whom I adored. She was a brave and tough little gal, full of fun, who immigrated to Canada all by herself at the tender age of 19! The rest of my family roots are Irish and Scottish, with some English sprinkled in.

So you can bet that I grew up on an abundance of stories about the Fair Folk, the Fae, the Sidhe, the Tylwyth Teg, and more.   Perhaps it’s only natural that I should be a teller of faery tales now – but these ones are definitely for grownups!

STORM BOUND  is a stand-alone story, but it follows Book One, STORM WARRIOR.    Both books are available in Kindle ebook, trade paperback, MP3-CD and Audible.            
One of my favorite Welsh faery folktales provides inspiration for my series. The Grim is a legendary canine with many names:  the gwyllgi or barghest, the Black Dog, the Dog of Darkness, Dog of the Twilight and Black Hound of Destiny. 

The story is an old one, dating back to Celtic times in Wales. The Grim is the herald of Death itself, and those who see this faery animal are usually destined to die very soon. For centuries, black dogs have haunted particular towns, roads and forests in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales ... and sightings have even been reported in the USA!

But a writer's mind is always asking questions. Who are the Grims, I wondered? Were they human once? How did they become Death's messengers and why? More importantly, who will they become? Therein lies my story...  and yes, I’m already working on Book 3, STORM WARNED! 


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