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As you may know, my Grim Series is bringing ancient Faery legends into modern-day America. I'm always excited to share new details about the Fae world that exists in my stories -- and which is based on authentic Welsh and Celtic legends.

I'm in the middle of a BLOG TOUR right now, to promote my new release STORM WARNED, and it's provided a perfect opportunity to talk more about Faeries. Check out the EIGHT sites below, each of which feature a different post I've written about Fae creatures, or how to deal with the Fae -- or why you should avoid them if you can!

Some of the recent articles still have giveaways running - be sure and enter if they do. Other posts will be published this week and next.

Topic 1: The Faery Pooka
April 1 - Guest Post by Dani Harper at THE BOOK NYMPHO
Topic 2: The Faery Grim
April 2 - Guest post by Dani Harper at MY BOOKISH WAYS
Topic 3: Avoiding the Fae 
April 2 - Guest post by Dani Harper at ALL THINGS URBAN FANTASY
Topic 4: Faery 101 - Who are the Tylwyth Teg? 
April 2 - Guest post by Dani Harper at ROMANCE REVIEWS TODAY
Topic 5: Why and How to Repel Faeries 
April 6 - Guest post by Dani Harper at WICKED LIL PIXIE
Topic 6: 10 Things You Should Know About Faeries 
April 7 - Guest post by Dani Harper at THE VAMPIRE BOOK CLUB
Topic 7:  The Faery Kelpie
April 8 - Guest post by Dani Harper at PARANORMAL HAVEN
Topic 8: About Faeries
April 10 - Guest post by Dani Harper at FANGS WANDS AND FAIRY DUST

Storm Warned is now available in Kindle, paperback and audio on Amazon 

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