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It's no secret who my Number One Heroine is - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hands down. Over the years, my list has expanded to include a few more awesome female characters, but Buffy Summers tops them all.

I watched the TV show from series premiere to series finale with my daughters -- we never missed a single episode in its 7-year run. As Buffy learned and grew, so did we! She didn't have all the answers. She made mistakes. She had to make hard and terrible choices in order to do the right thing, the ethical thing, the moral thing. And it always came at enormous personal cost to her, required a great deal of sacrifice.

It often reminded me of Spock's Vulcan philosophy: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few --- or the one.” Buffy Summers was always the one it seemed.  The world was saved many times over, but remained largely unaware of her efforts, or the efforts of her loyal friends. No thanks, no fame, no glory. It was an unforgettable lesson in what true heroism is, and also a slice of reality: there is always a price to be paid, even when you're doing something good.


PS - After the TV series ended, Dark Horse Comics continued the storyline, with some writing and input from Buffy's creator, Joss Whedon (you might remember him from a little movie franchise called The Avengers...). The Buffyverse is alive and well today, and the latest issue just came out on June 17th: "Old Demons, Part One".  

The character of Buffy Summers continues to inspire us all to be better than we are in real life. And in my writing life, I know that I've been inspired to create stronger heroines in my stories because of her.

One of my own favorite characters to date has been Caris Dillwyn, the heroine of my latest release, Storm Warned. An unfeeling Faery kidnaps this young woman, robbing her of her family, her home, and all that she holds dear, More, she is forced to serve the Fae as a Grim, a messenger of death. Through it all, she retains her humanity. And later, when she meets up with the irresistable Liam Cole, she refuses to give up her sense of self, and the things that she's passionate about.

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