THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT RETURNS SEPT. 29TH as a full-length novel --- bigger, better, badder!

Once upon a time I wrote a short story titled The Holiday Spirit. At less than 20,000 words, it barely qualified as a novella. I had a great deal of fun creating it, though, and was thrilled when Cobblestone Press included it in their Twelve Days of Christmas collection for 2008. Though it was only available as an eBook at a time when electronic books hadn’t yet hit their stride, this little paranormal romance received some wonderful reviews.

When The Holiday Spirit finished its contract, I foolishly thought that I was done with it. Busy writing other things for other contracts, I laid my Christmas ghost story to rest on an old external hard drive that quickly gathered dust. However, the characters refused to lie quiet! They’ve literally haunted me for a very long time, poking and prodding me to revisit this project.

In the fall of 2014, after I finished writing Storm Warned (Book 3 of my Grim Series), I felt the time was finally right. I was “between books” for a couple of months, and thought that The Holiday Spirit would be a simple and fun project. I planned its launch for the 2014 Christmas season, and even booked the ads. I mean, all the little story needed was a careful re-edit, a few updates, and it would be ready for re-release, right?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I realized much too late that I wasn’t in charge of this story at all: my characters were! And they had a whole lot more to tell. What was once a small novella quickly tripled in size–and then grew even more! The entire project was rewritten from the ground up, with brand new scenes and details that surprised and delighted my beta readers who were familiar with the earlier version. (Believe me when I tell you that no one was more surprised than I was!)

The final result is definitely a bigger, better, badder read! To the readers who discovered and enjoyed the original–I think you’ll like the novel version even more! To those who enjoy a ghostly romance or a holiday paranormal with a fresh twist, this just might be what you’re looking for.

A huge THANK YOU to all of my wonderful readers who have been so patient and understanding throughout this unintentionally lengthy project.

And to my cast of characters who hijacked the story – you can undo the duct tape and the rope now…

Sincerely, Dani Harper

The book will be available in ebook and paperback. The ebook can be pre-ordered right now on Amazon. The paperback will be ready in time for the release day!

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