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As a fantasy and romance author, I fall a little in love with each one of my heroes. It’s not a conscious or deliberate thing – it just happens, at least if I've done my job right, LOL. 

I feel like I know them, and I've definitely become close to them. I root for them, boo when bad things happen to them, and cheer loudly when they win. 

And after the book is finished, it takes me a long time to get into a new project with new characters. Yup, it's true – I suffer from PHL – Post-Hero-Letdown.

One of My Favorite Heroes 

Oh how I missed shapeshifter Connor Macleod after I finished writing Changeling Moon! After all, I'd gotten to know how he thought, how he felt, how he moved and what he would likely do in any given situation. It’s no wonder that he naturally reappeared in Changeling Dream when his brother, James, needed a hand. And both brothers made their presence known in the third book, Changeling Dawn

Yet both were eclipsed by the unexpected hero of the third story in the series. It began like this, with the youngest sister of Connor and James.......

Kenzie Macleod belongs to a long-lived family of Changelings who can turn into wolves at will. They were forced to leave Scotland when wolves were being exterminated there, and those terrible times have left her with a serious distrust of humans....

That’s as far as I got when up popped Josh Talarkoteen. I’m used to it – many of my characters, including the entire Macleod clan, simply walk into my brain anytime they feel like it and start talking to me. But this guy was something new. Oh sure, I got his resume loud and clear – tall, handsome, wildlife expert, Air Force veteran, member of the Tahltan tribe – but it was the fact that he was 100% human that caught me off guard.

“I want in on your new book,” Josh said. “I want a chance with Kenzie.”

I blinked. “I’m not sure that would work. You’re not a werewolf.”

“Your Changeling world has plenty of mixed couples.”

“Yeah, but so far the humans have been women.”

“What difference does that make? They sure didn’t need any super powers in your stories – those women are strong and smart and more than a match for the werewolf men,” he said. “So why not give a regular guy a chance with a Changeling gal?”

“Look, I admit that you’re great-looking, but isn’t it going to be tough to impress a woman who can turn into a wolf? I mean, how do you compete with that?”

“You mean the fact that she’s faster, stronger and can leap tall humans in a single bound?” Josh laughed out loud. “So what? No hero worth his salt would be threatened by that. And besides, I’m looking to win her heart, not throw down with her in a cage fight.” 

I did a quick mental inventory of the books on my keeper shelf – and realized that there were a few heroes I loved who were not the magically-endowed half of the couple. I’d just never written about that situation before. So Josh got his chance in CHANGELING DAWN, and I couldn’t be happier. He proved to be one determined man, and everything a hero should be.

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