Sin City Succubus - fast paced, great characters, and just enough humor

I’ve discovered that one of the best things about comicons is the opportunity to meet other authors and exhibitors. At Sandemonium, I had the good luck to meet Chuck and Gail Anderson, owners of Alucard Press LLC. Books, Cosplay and Nightmares

I’d blown my tiny budget by then (my insatiable appetite for books was trumped by the imperative to get a present for my granddaughter from Little Vampires), so I didn’t get to buy a book from Alucard Press then and there --- but you can bet I hunted them down on the web as soon as I got home! Chuck writes as CS Anderson, and has over a dozen books out. I started with the Kindle version of his latest release, “SIN CITY SUCCUBUS: A Dabbler Novel”. The premise of the story had strong appeal, and the killer cover (by Lisa Vasquez) cinched my choice.

WHAT A BLAST! Sin City Succubus is a delightfully supernatural romp through Vegas. Told in the first person by Robert Jones, a wiseass cross between actor Chris Pratt and Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden (according to my imagination). I flat-out adored this character, who doesn’t have much magic himself, but has to deal with those who do on a daily basis—whether he wants to or not. And sometimes that means violent or fatal consequences.

The action started with the first line and never let up until its immensely satisfying conclusion. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Turns out, this is just Book One, and Robert Jones and his friends will return in “Sin City Angels”.

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